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Funded Support a shelter for teenage orphans in Kyrgyzstan

A project from a different life e.V.
in Рот-Фронт, Kyrgyz Republic

The farm in Kyrgyzstan gives shelter to teenage orphans which don't have a home anymore after being forced to leave the orphanages. Help support the project with a donation!

Natalie S.
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About this project

The farm, which is located in Rotfront, an old German village in the northern part of Kyrgyzstan, gives shelter to orphans. The project is a home to orphans that don't get support from the government anymore. Once they reach the age of 16 or 17, the orphanages stop getting money from the state and make them leave their „home“. Often, the very young adults would have to live on the street and be forced to cheap labor or also prostitution.

There are a lot of orphanages in Kyrgyzstan and the problem of having many young people without any perspective for their future is well known. And that's why the project started: The farm takes the orphans in and helps them gain important skills that they will need for an independent life of their own.

We are raising funds to renovate the small house in which the teenagers live and to make the project as a whole more sustainable for the future. We visited the farm in summer of 2015 and got to know the project well. It would make us really happy if we could make the everyday life a little easier for the people living there.

The teenagers are sharing one small house in which they can live for free. They work on the farm throughout the day helping in the garden growing vegetables or looking after the animals. By doing that work, they earn their first own money which they can safe on a bank account that was set up for them. The meals they get 3 times a day are also free of costs for them.

The young adults that have never had to manage a fully independent life of their own, learn many skills that will benefit them in the future. They learn how to look after themselves, what it means to have a real job that includes certain rules, how to follow these rules, how to handle money, and how to live in an own house and how to take care of the house work and also of themselves. Farming is a widely spread form of income in Kyrgyzstan. The teenage orphans can either decide to stay on the farm, or to carry on and use their learned farming skills somewhere else. After one year, they also get the offer for a scholarship to go back to school or deepen an area of studies which they are interested in. Many really enjoy the work on the farm and decide to stay at least for a little bit longer in their new home.