Funded Doors for new school - facilities

An aid project by “Freunde der Bohyen Primary School/Kumasi” (Christine M.) in Kumasi/Bohyen, Ghana

Christine M. (Project Manager)

Christine M.
We , a german group of friends of the Bohyen Primary School in Kumasi/Ghana, are gathering money since the beginning of 2009 to build new facilities for this school. It was a german-ghanaian friendship that showed us the emergency at this school. After a 50year-old bucket-latrine had been put out of order by the government, 700 pupils and their teachers had to spend their time at school without any sanitation for the last 10 years. In cooperation with the ghanaian NGO, the „Nana Mprengo needy foundation“, the construction of the new sanitation began in june 2009. After eight months we celebrated the commissioning of the new toilethouse in january 2010. Now, after the easter vacation, when all members of the school will return, they can use the new facilities for the first time. The sanitation was constructed as a Kumasi-Ventilated-Pit-Latrine. It includes 18 cubicles, 15 for squatting at time and 3 with sitting toilets . The cubicles for girls and boys are separated. One entrance is fitted for wheelchair. The sanitation is equipped with two washbowls for handwashing. For watersupply we installed a watertank outside of the building. In addition a new urinal for the small ones of the pupils was constructed nearby. During the last weeks a washable floor with broken tiles was applied for better hygienic. The administration of the school has taken over the management of the new facilities and is also engaged in hygienic education. To finish the inside of the toilethouse we still need 17 doors for the cubicles – we now have only one for the teacher's cubicle – and 15 sitting or squatting toiletplaces. All donations are used by 100% for the purpose of the project.

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Location: Kumasi/Bohyen, Ghana

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