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Clean Water for the Rainforest

Trotz der Tropenlage Kameruns gibt es in vielen ländlichen Regionen nicht genug sauberes Trinkwasser. Wir von Ingenieure ohne Grenzen wollen mithilfe des WASH-Prinzips und lokalen Partnern den Einwohnern zu einer besseren Lebensqualität verhelfen.

T. Holle from Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V.Write a message

Although Cameroon is located in the tropical area of Africa, there are many people, especially in rural areas with no access to clean drinking water. The villages are hardly reached by drinking water supply, so that they have to use local water sources. However, these are not protected, so that dirt, animals and pesticides of cocoa farmers contaminate these waterholes. Therefore, due to the insufficient treatment of the water, diseases do occur frequently. The villagers suffer from diarrheal disease and a high infant mortality rate.

The aim of our project is not just to bring in technical know-how in the village Nkoumise-Sud, but also the content of the WASH-principle, which additionally also deals with sanitary and hygiene aspects. Education is thus a key aspect of our project.

We are currently in the exploration phase, which means that we will fly to Cameroon in late March to get an idea of ​​the situation. This includes the analysis of the current water and soil quality, as well as the current use of water in various areas of life. We are very concerned about the acceptance of the project and the initiative of local people. In order to ensure sustainability, our solution must be continued independently by the locals.

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