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Closed Straßenapotheker​

Berlin, Germany

I triggered a payout for these needs:

Min Seng K.
Min Seng K. wrote on 21-03-2016

The donation has been used for the following purchases

No Items       Quantity Unit Cost Total
1 Box                10         1.50       15.00
2 Posters                10         1.00         9.50
3 Posters                20         0.94       18.75
4 Posters                  4         0.90         3.60
5 Paper for Box                   5.00
6 paper for box (glue)               10.40
7 Flyer printing                  38.51
8 Stickers for 2 boxes                 5.45
9 Flyer printing (1000 pieces)            68.03 
       TOTAL              174.24

The shortfall has been financed by the project members themselves

A donation amount of €85.00 was requested for the following needs:

  • Donation box €50.00
  • Printing flyers and marketing materials €35.00
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