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Closed Let's fight against terrorism and extremism

Le't us fight it together !

k. olurotimi
k. olurotimi wrote on 21-11-2012

International terrorism over the past decade has come to constitute the most serious threat to global peace, security and development. This unfortunate development and all its evil manifestations around the world and particularly in Africa, undermine the most cherished values and fundamental principles of the 21st century including development, democracy, human rights, and freedoms. Normal people will always condemn all acts and forms of terrorism and wherever they may occur and it's our responsibility to fight it together . The present situation in the Northern part of Mali has vividly reveled that Africa is becoming the next breeding zone of terrorists . Some analysts qualify Mali as Afhaganistan in Africa . This unbefitting phenomena has touched Niger , Mauritania , Algeria and it 's becoming a global issue .Mali is becoming a serious target for evil accomplishment.

We must say NO to this situation ! but How? ........It's time for all the Human Right fighting groups to get up and create positive awareness on the dangers of participating in terrorist acts. The main target of this awareness must be the youths and one of the best method to draw their attention away from this barbaric act is to assist them in developing positive community or group projects. If we don't give them alternatives , they will go for anything .

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