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Closed Sea-Eye - Saving refugees in the Mediterran Sea

refugees, rescue

G. Isler from Sea-Eye e.V.Write a message

Thousands of refugees have already drowned in the Mediterranean Sea trying to escape from war, persecution and poverty in Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

Every year, thousands of people die, trying to reach Europe’s shores – and it’s getting worse each year.

The EU promised to increase help and support but political will and pressure, which were needed to walk the EU’s talk, are missing…

Letting people drown means moral failure and is unacceptable.

The project:
In September 2015, Michael Buschheuer, his family and friends founded the non profit organization Sea-Eye e.V. with its purpose and main target to secure maritime escape routes to Europe.

Currently our vessel "Alan Kurdi" performs search- and rescue missions  
in the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore we´re constantly searching for supporters, sympathizers, donators but also for crew-members who are willing to join us on site. Every helping hand counts is highly appreciated!

To be able to pursue our goal, we´re dependent on donations.

Donations for Sea-Eye e.V. are tax-deductible as Sea-Eye e.V. carries a non-profit status. Of course all donations will be used exclusively for the implementation and execution of this project.

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