Assisted Living Community for children in need

An aid project by “OneLoveOneWorld e.V.” (L. York/Theis) in Naikap, Nepal

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L. York/Theis (Project Manager)

L. York/Theis
In Kathmandu there are about 5000 street children. Their everyday lives are met with hunger, violence, illness and addiction, but also happy, innocent childlike moments due to the independence and freedom of living on the streets.

Because of the extreme living conditions and circumstances, in which children on the streets grow up, many of them will not reach adulthood.

We attempt to encourage and support those children, who want to find a way out of their life on the street and help them find a new place in society and a broader perspective.

To achieve this goal, we are establishing an assisted living community for 3 to 4 children. OneLoveOneWorld wants to give these children a new home, which is based on nurturing affection and trust.
At the Assisted Living Community we are supporting:
• Individual abilities
• The exchange of knowledge, and
• Practical skills
to open up new perspectives for the children.

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Location: Naikap, Nepal

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