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Blocked Computer school in rural Cambodia

Roeurl, Puok District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

Blocked Computer school in rural Cambodia

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Integrating a computer school into our education center located in a rural municipality in Cambodia

tom v. from Cambodia Child AidWrite a message

The NGO Cambodia Child Aid is building an education center
(CAMDOC Training Center) located at the Bu Yung Secondary School, Roeurl Communicipality. For this purpose our partner organization CAMDOC has signed a contract with the school providing us with the use of 3 classrooms for free for the next 15 years. The students will get the opportunity for further education by attending English and computer classes or sewing courses. We have started already the English classes as the first subproject (280 applications). The other two subprojects have still to be implemented.

Subproject computer school
The aim of this project is to teach the students basic computer applications. This will give them the opportunity to make use of their knowledge of the English language and above all will give them better chances for getting a job in the future. As soon as a cost effective internet is available in the municipality, the computer school will be connected to the internet which will provide further education and information opportunities for the students.
It is planned to install a photovoltaic solar panel system as a sustainable energy supply. Establishing a computer network comprising 7 used laptops will enable efficient group training. For the first three years the recurrent costs for teachers, study material and device maintenance will be financially supported by our organization. Afterwards the computer school is expected to be self supporting for the bigger part, by introducing charged services such as internet and e-mail access.
We expect approximately 200 students per year. The betterplace-visitors could help us financing the initial technical equipment and furnishing of the school.

Thanks to a generous donation we will soon start with a sewing course in the third class room. !5 human powered sewing machines will be available for the equal number of students, most women, that hope to start their own small shop or find a job as skilled sewing aid in a company.

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