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'Culture Coaches', a project of Zohre Esmaeli and 'Bürgerstiftung Berlin' for the sustainable integration of immigrants.

Z. Esmaeli from Bürgerstiftung BerlinWrite a message


In the last two years more than 1.200.000 people applied for asylum in Germany (Statista GmbH 2017). In spite of xenophobia and the phenomenon 'Pegida', the basic mood towards refugees in our country is positive. Due to demographic change and the resulting deficit of workers / experts, legal immigration will be essential / indispensable.

The successful integration of the lawful immigrants is in the interest of our society and the immigrants. The host country and immigrants should work based on the principle of 'demand and promotion'. Helping people to help themselves, supporting the integration of people from all over the world, giving the western society the information regarding the reasons for escape and expulsion, stands as the focus of the voluntary work - but above all...the heart affair of Zohre Esmaeli!

We have to realize that immigrants are not familiar with local customs and in many cases overburdened. The project 'Culture Coaches' gives newcomers insight into German culture, society values and the living together. Parallel to education and training there is a need to understand differences of home cultures. The emphasis will be on the fundamental difference between Islamic and western culture. We have to convey local values without questioning the culture identity of the immigrants. 'Culture Coaches' ambassadors are successfully integrated in Germany, given their personal history in which they themselves have experienced conflicts, faced the challenges and have overcome the barriers. 

In cooperation with local authorities persons have to be identified to become the educational part of the existing integration offer. It is very important to be part of the initial asylum procedures - preventive action to promote mutual understanding and diminish demotivating frustrations.

'Culture Coaches', a project of Zohre Esmaeli and 'Bürgerstiftung Berlin' for the sustainable integration of immigrants.