COMPAñeros in Motion: Mobile Education Unit

An aid project by “GSE e. V.” (A. Hammoud) in Ciudad El Alto, Bolivia

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A. Hammoud (Project Manager)

A. Hammoud
The town of El Alto, is the highest large city in the world, situated about 4.000 m above sea level. She is also the destination of migration from the rural and mining areas in Bolivia and grows from day to day, from hour to hour. In the outskirts of El Alto there is no infrastructure of importance, the population does not have access to education and culture; there is a high rate of illiteracy.

Children and teenager, looking for adventures, often drift into delinquency and drug abuse. The mobile unit is a small bus (the same type what is the most common public mean of transport in Bolivia) transformed into a library and school on wheels. Two qualified trainers offer to children and teens to start learning by the means of culture, literature, games – including theatre workshops where the kids will acquire different capacities, self confidence and social skills.

The project will exploit the experience obtained by COMPA in social, cultural and educational work with street children as well as with the “Teatro Camion”, a truck transformed into a stage theatre on wheels, touring through rural areas of Bolivia. Objective of the project is to activate and motivate people living in the outskirts of El Alto by offering education and cultural activities, in particular for children and teens aiming at showing alternatives to street adventures by developing their skills and capacities.

To do: purchase and conversion of the bus, training for the disseminators, purchase of didactic material, start of educational work in the target areas of El Alto.

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Location: Ciudad El Alto, Bolivia

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