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Girls also need training.

A project from Ushirika e.V. Msulwa, Matuga District, Kwale Kenia
in Kwale, Kenya

Education for girls.

K. McMillan
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About this project

Since the Msulwa Youth Polytechic opened its doors in 2011 the amount of girls wanting to train for a trade increases yearly. Of the 56 students in 5 trades 16 are girls. Many parents are able to support their boys' education but are not willing to invest in their daughters. Ushirika tries to find sponsors for 12 to 20 students from extremely poor backgrounds; all the carpenter students finance their own training, 8 of the girls have no help whatsoever. We want to support these girls so that they do not fall into the trap of getting pregnant at 14, 15, or 16 with no husband to look after them, making them dependant for the rest of their lives.