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An aid project by “OffbeatUnity Productions” (K. Constantinou) in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

K. Constantinou (Project Manager)

K. Constantinou
We are an all female group of independent film makers and social activists who set up Offbeat Unity productions to film a group of circus/theatre performers, musicians and social workers called 2wheels4change(.com) as they travel from Germany to Mongolia bicycle caravan The driving force behind this group’s journey is the determination to reach out to disadvantaged youth through music and circus and theatre performances devised together. We have already started filming the group and so far we are totally self funded (although we have and are continuing to apply to various foundations and independent charitable organisations) we passionately believe that the story and journey of this one group has universal meaning and feel that this film HAS to be made. You can see a short promotional video of footage we have taken so far and find out more about the group on their website

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Location: Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

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