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Funded Support the Buchstabenmuseum

Berlin, Germany

Funded Support the Buchstabenmuseum

Berlin, Germany

3D Letters, typography, Buchstabenmuseum

Catherine-D. A. from BUCHSTABENMUSEUM e.V. | 
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About this project

The Buchstabenmuseum (the Museum of Letters) was born out of a passion for typography and for rescuing threatened letters from public spaces. In 2005 Barbara Dechant and Anja Schulze founded the nonprofit organization Buchstabenmuseum e.V., dedicated to preserving, restoring and exhibiting signage from Berlin and around the world. The museum researches and documents the stories behind the signs, exploring the letters' unique typographic qualities as well as delving into the manufacturing process. The museum was opened to the public in 2008.

Globalization has contributed to the downfall of many traditional family-run businesses. More and more small businesses are disappearing and with them their eyecatching signs. As the manufacture of storefront signage (as well as business names) becomes increasingly standardized, the tradition of idiosyncratic signs created by skilled craftspeople, reflecting regional differences and a firm's unique character, is dying out. As a result, the distinctive signage of the past century is vanishing. Through the systematic preservation and documentation of such historic artifacts, the Buchstabenmuseum is at once a pilgrimage point for nostalgic typophiles and a laboratory for fresh thinking on language, typography and urban history.

The Buchstabenmuseum is a private initiative and does not currently receive public subsidies. In short, this means that you are the ones helping us successfully preserve these valuable letterforms, be it through donations, by becoming a member or by sponsoring our initiative. All that makes the challenge of creating the Buchstabenmuseum steadily becoming a reality. We' d like to thank you all for supporting us.
Updated at 15. October 2020