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Shaping Global Civil Society

A project from Institut für Sozialstrategie e.V.
in Laichingen, Germany

Shapung Global Civil Society! Support an aspiring Institute with its establishment in the scientific landscape!

S. Knobbe
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About this project

We are an aspiring, voluntarily organized institute which aims at shaping global civil society.
The Institute of Social Strategy focuses on research and strategic design regarding the global civil society. It combines global, local and regional perspectives because thinking in national categories does not suffice anymore in times of globalization.
The research areas deal with questions of importance for a living beings on earth: Education, Health, Religion, Business Ethics, Minority Rights, Climate Change. The Institute of Social Strategy understands itself as an independent bridge and critical voice in the areas of politics, the economicy, religion, society and culture.

Since its foundation in 2009, the Institute of Social Strategy primarily is privately funded. Now it is time to foster the institute's institutionalization and to establish it further in the scientific landscape.

Why do we need your donation?
First of all, we need a certain amount of money to finance events such as conferences and talks. Further, we would like to compensate our voluntary staff partly for their efforts. By this way, we can ensure, among ather things, the regular update of our online presence. This presence is of particular importance for the institute of social strategy, as it serves a platform for publishing and discussing the institutes research outcomes.