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Birth Center Munich needs help!

München, Germany

Birth Center Munich needs help!

Katharina F. from Verein zur Förderung der selbstbestimmten Geburt
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The Birth Center Munich needs your help. After 22 years of successful work, the lease in Neuhausen will run out. We are in need of approximately 350,000 € for the enlargement of rooms and in order to fulfill all requirements of the Health Center. A part of the amount can be paid by the 11 Midwives who are currently working at the Birth Center using personal loans. For the rest we are asking for your support. We are still in need of 150,000 €.

You are helping with every smallest amount, so that Women can also in the future get birth help that is protective and strengthening.

Let's work together, so that women can bear children self determined and in their own strength, accompanied by a caring and experienced Midwife in a quiet and peaceful setting!

Our babies should be able to continue to be born in a protected environment, that fills and supports their entire potential of being able to love and bond from the beginning of their lives onward. Women should continue to be enabled to experience their strength and ability to bear children. Becoming fathers are allowed to experience in awe how precious this early bonding can be for a couple.

This is what we stand for with passion and dedication since 22 years.

We are asking for support for our new beginning in new rooms in Munich.

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