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Closed A real "Green Revolution": Slope Farming Project Arba Minch, Ethiopia

A project from GFEU e.V.
in Arba Minch, Ethiopia

Recovery of eroded and degraded soils by a new kind of land use management system combining primarily organic agriculture and Rain Water Harvesting for improved soil fertility, water availability and sustainable land use.

J. Wibbing
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About this project

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We will establish a new kind of land use management system developed by the Hamburg University of Technologies in a demonstration and research site in Arba Minch, Ethiopia.

The integrated systems allows recovery of degraded soils by organic agriculture and measures of Rain Water Harvesting. Synergistic, natural processes and sustainable management parctices are used to increase soil fertility and water availability, while soil erosion is prevented and crops are grown. Food and water security for a growing population especially in developing countries can be improved, while the prosperity of local farmers is facilitated.

The contradiction between environmental protection and agriculture is reversed into an accordance: Inarable land becomes arable again by adapted land use. For a real "Green Revolution" - without the usage of conventional production methodes ans practices like synthetic fertilizer and pesticides and tillage operation.

Our system facilitates...
1) Buildup of arable, fertile soil
2) Enhancement of water availability in dry and rainy seasons
3) Prevention of flood events downstream
4) Creation of habitats for flora and fauna, therefore improvement of biodiversity
5) Long-term sequestration of carbondioxide into the soil
6) Closure of the nutrient cycle by utilisation of Terra Preta Sanitation
7) Sustainable procuton of various agricultural goods - even in drought events!

Currently, 9 students from the TUHH are active in the project. We are studying water, environmental, civil or bioprocessing engineering. The research focus of every team member is quiet diverse, but complementary: Botany, mycology, drinking water, waste water (Terra Preta), biochar, Rain Water Harvesting, hydrology, sustainable land management, prevention of erosion, alternative housing construction and building material...

Together we started the project and time after time students go to Arba Minch to work in the fields and continue our project - along with local people.

As the head of the project, Jan Wibbing will stay and work in Arba Minch starting January 2016 (for approximately 3 years). He will supervise the project long-term. His tasks will encompass the coordination of work of the students and local people, linkage to the local government and Arba Minch University, lectures and seminars and of course implementation and maintenance of our land use system.

Many thanks for your contribution!

The Slope Farming Team

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