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Gesellschaft zur Förderung und Entwicklung der Umwelttechnologien an der TU Hamburg-Harburg e.V.

Die GFEU e.V. ist vielfältig im Bereich der Wissensförderung aktiv.

- Brücken schlagen zwischen Theorie und Praxis.
- Förderung von praxisnahen Forschungsarbeiten.
- Begutachtung und Prüfung von Abwasserreinigungsverfahren, Einrichtungen und Apparaten.
- Unterstützung der Lehre für umwelttechnische Arbeitsbereiche.
- Förderung und Aufenthalt von Gastwissenschaftlern, Technikern, Ingenieuren u.a.
- Vergabe von Stipendien für zur Förderung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten.

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Latest project news

Announcement over project end 2019

  J. Wibbing  06 May 2019 at 08:15 PM
Project ending in 2019: The Slope Farming Project in Arba Minch, Ethiopia, was growing over the last years, carried by joyful students joining the work in Ethiopia in course of their studies, and most of all, Asfaw and the team carrying out the work and sustaining. The project now comes to an end (at least from the initial side of Hamburg University of Technologies from Germany). We established our project site, did so much efforts to improve the environmental condition of the area. Much was accomplished, some was not working, but everytime there was a "lessons learned". But nowadays, we lack the management capacities for any further senseful work. Seeing our foreman Asfaw transforming into an open mind and advocate of environmental conservation was one of the projects successes. From now on, Asfaw will be solely responsible for any further work in the former project site, currently along with friends, realtives and neighbours, a poultry farm was established, utilizing the site. We wish him best of luck! We thank all our supporters over the years, as a small students project we inspired local people to take their fate in their very own hands. This is all we could ever asked for. Thank you!

Jan Wibbing for the Slope Farming Team 

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