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Closed Casa Palabra y Pueblo - Building a Brighter Future in Intag

A project from Casa Palabra y Pueblo
in Apuela, Ecuador

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M. Fieweger
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About this project

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Casa Palabra y Pueblo is currently fundraising to complete the construction of our building and expand our current services to include a cultural cafe, a research center, and a radio studio. With the threat of mining greater than ever, your support has never been more important.

Casa Palabra y Pueblo has a new project, Historias de Vida-Intag, to reconstruct our history in the voices of the men and women who live here. This is a continuation of an important element of the mission we defined twelve years ago, with the creation of Periódico INTAG: to document our past. With the closing of Periódico INTAG, we inaugurated a radio magazine, Intag, la Radio Revista, a two-hour weekly broadcast on Radio Intag, 96.7 FM, our local radio station.
In addition, we began training a new generation of community reporters through Mundo Mágico, a half-hour radio program by and for children from five to twelve years of age. You can listen to both programs at:
And our latest effort. We are collecting the life stories of older residents. This involves interviewing residents about everything under the sun that they have experienced in the course of their lives. Then, we transcribe the interviews. When the interview/transcription process is complete, we will transform the taped sessions into a life history, a narrative complete with photos, documents (marriage certificate, newspaper clippings, etc.), and a family tree. The interviewee will receive a hard copy of his/her life story, with a CD containing audios. Life stories will also be available in our Document Center and in digital form via our blog.
Our new project has sparked interest in university researcher here and abroad. When we begin to post the life stories, they will be a treasure trove for relatives of interviewees, journalists, writers, and anyone interested in Intag and Ecuador. Eventually we will broadcast a program dedicated to the life stories of Intag´s residents.
We invite you to become a sponsor of a life history. The average cost of a complete life history is about $500.00 (interviewer and transcription time, transport to distant communities and back, room and board for interviewers working in a distant community, radio broadcast time, etc.). A good part of this amount will consist of in-kind contributions (all interviews and a much transcription to date have been done by volunteers).
To include in the final product the names of sponsors who have made a life history possible, and keep sponsors up-to-date on progress of that life history, please write to us at:
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