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Funded Rastplatz - A mobile kitchen for refugees

A project from INTERKULT
in Belgrad, Serbia

Refugees, Balkans, Kitchen

Joel S.
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About this project

There is an increase of people fleeing conflict areas over the Balkans towards EU countries. Some places are having to accommodate hundreds or up to thousands of people because they cannot continue the journey or because they need to take a rest.They have left many challenges behind but new ones are ahead of them. Despite strong efforts of humanitarian and development aid organizations, they are not able to be present everywhere. The situation is both depressing and shameful. We want to contribute to supporting these people in their struggle.

The project Rastplats origins from the impulse to pack our mobile kitchen and drive imediately towards Balkan with our bus.
This initiative emerges from a desire to support these people in some of their daily challenges. We feel that at the end of the day, a simple but warm meal can go a long way. Our mobile kitchen can support approximately 200 to 300 portions per day. We will also be providing fruit and water.

The situation in the Balkans is continuously changing and we will need to adapt our daily plans as events develop. Therefore, in order to best coordinate our activities, we are trying our best to link up and work alongside locally based organizations and activists - and thereby establish important synergies.

For two weeks, we will be cooking with and for refugees at a transit station along their migration routes and providing them a rest area. We will be trying our best to make food which is inspired by Syrian cooking, in order to provide a sense of familiarity. For example, we will be providing “Maklube” a traditional Middle Eastern specialty usually provided to guests. Beside food and drinks, we will provide some hygenic and first aid materials and a charging station for cell phones.

With experienced photographers and journalists within the team, we would also like to take the chance to share some stories from people on their journey. Thus, we will be focusing on understanding their lives prior to fleeing their homelands. We would like to show the personal stories behind the anonymous numbers. These encounters at the transition between the old and new lives of these people will be transmitted through a multimedia reportage.

With your financial contribution, you will be supporting people who have had to flee their homelands due to conflict and crisis. Just € 1.50 is enough to provide for one warm meal.

Our engagement is a hundred percent voluntary. We are aware that humanitarian support such as this cannot claim to have a long-term impact. But each small initiative counts and we would like to encourage others to become actively engaged. At the same time, the multimedia reportage will have a more lasting impact by raising awareness through the stories behind the people. The reportage work is completely financially independent from this crowdfunding campaign.