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Closed Campus Cosmopolis

Berlin, Germany

Closed Campus Cosmopolis

Berlin, Germany

Initiative for social housing and living in Berlin.

Daniel W. from Ideenzentrale e.V. | 
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About this project

Campus Cosmopolis is an initiative of Berliners and refugees. We want to implement a housing project for autonomous and communal living in the heart of Berlin. Campus Cosmopolis will be

a place designed for the needs and wishes of all its residents. We will plan, discuss and renovate together.
an open and vibrant house with a lot of space to meet, exchange ideas and learn from each other. We will offer workshops about things that inspire us, and make mutual learning possible.
a place for solidarity where we can learn to be different without fear because we won’t be judged by origin and papers, or distinguished by property, gender and formal qualifications.
a social experiment where all the residents will be able to introduce and develop their knowledge and abilities. This is why the success of the project directly depends on the willingness to cooperate respectfully and patiently.
a public space that will communicate with its surroundings and aim for an outward-looking presence. We will set up a garden and a cafe, but many more things are possible.
an emancipatory place: the wide range of supporting offers for refugees in Berlin should be integrated without becoming dependent on institutions and authorities. Self-governed and transparent structures will enable the participation for the refugees.
Last but not least Campus Cosmopolis is a political project. The situation of refugees has to be improved – here and now! CC is going to be one of the many small steps in this long and difficult process. In its beginnings it will show today what could be possible everywhere tomorrow.
We are open for people with or without experience of displacement and flight, and are happy about support for Campus Cosmopolis. Please contact us if you’re interested!
Updated at 18. March 2020