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Closed Winter is coming! The Sanctuary Bansko Dogs need a winter shelter.

I triggered a payout for these needs:

N. Hinds
N. Hinds wrote on 13-09-2016

These photos do not do justice to the amount of hard work that has so far gone into building Zara's Place. Covered foundations and drainage works don't make for good pictures!! Justine and Pete have done most of the hard labour themselves, as the local workforce has been a little unreliable....
Zara's Place will provide quarantine conditions for new arrivals, often tiny puppies, who are at risk of infection as not yet fully vaccinated but also older dogs who have an unknown health history and the risk of them bringing in unwanted disease. Please see our page dedicated to Zara's Place on the main web site fot more information and details of how to donate to the building project.

A donation amount of €1,167.00 was requested for the following needs:

  • Big bricks for the stone walls €973.00
  • Concrete for the floor €174.00
  • down pipes €20.00
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