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Caribbean spay and neuter clinic

Sosúa, Dominican Republic

In the spay and neuter clinic of Sosúa, Dominican Republic, strays and animals of poor people are being neutered to control the enormous rate of reproduction and fight starvation, diseases and persecution as result of overpopulation.

I. Gorski-Grobe from VereinzurHilfeundFörderungdeskreolischenHundes e.V
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Throughout the Caribbean stray animals are suffering tremendously and their number is growing constantly. Living seldom longer than 6 years, a bitch may have 160.000 female offsprings, not counting males, given that she has litters of on the average 4 puppies, half of them female. Mass poisonings haven't shown any results, only the high mortality rate among the puppies slows down the process. Continuous castrations are the only way to stabilize and eventually diminish their number. The clinic in Sosúa has an ongoing castration program, accompanied by information and education of the local population and vaccination programs against rabies. Local students can practice here with experienced doctors in order to help the clinic later as licensed vets. We are always in need of volunteering vets, medical supplies and sponsors to foster castrations. One castration costs 20 Eur. 2009 364 animals were neutered. Visit