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Education for orphaned children in South-Kivu (Eastern Congo)

A project from Mission Kongo e.V.
in Minembwe, Süd-Kivu, Congo (Democratic Republic)

Mission Kongo in cooperation with the local congolese aid organization Misericorde is helping orphaned children and victims of war to get a good education and break the poverty cycle. Help us to help the children of Congo!

Jürgen D.
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About this project

Byinzigiro is a happy 12-year-old who wants nothing more than to go to school, study and become a doctor. For most children in developed countries education is not a privilege but a basic right. This is not the case in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Very often parents simply cannot afford to send their children to school. For children without parents, it is virtually impossible to get a good education. Byinzigiro is one of those children. He lost his mother and father to the war and his grandmother to cancer a few years later. With no other family to take care he was very lucky that the local aid organization „Misericorde" found out about his story and was able to find a loving and caring foster family for him.

Life is difficult for his new family and they can not afford to send all three boys to school on a regular basis. When we heard this story we immediately decided that we need to support this level of human kindness by taking care of Byinzigiros school fees so his foster-parents were freed of this financial burden.

Misericorde is currently taking care of 30 children age 8 to 14 that have lost their parents or children whose parents are unable to take care due to war inflicted trauma. Since 2015 we are supporting this wonderful local initiative by paying the school fees and supplies for the first 12 kids and we are hoping to include the entire group my the start of the next school year.

Our trusted local coordinator Mrs. Masoso Antoinette is traveling to the high plateau of Minembwe three times per year to personally buy all supplies, pay the school fees and work with the children and their foster families to provide a brighter future to these wonderful children.