An aid project by “ASHA KA JHARNA” (Sudeep G.) in NAWALGARH, India

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Sudeep G. (Project Manager)

Sudeep G.
Project: Rehabilitation and Training centre for children with special needs & community

Objectives of the Project
To provide special education and vocational training. To provide income generating project to enable these children becomes economically self-reliant. To start training programmes in the field of rehabilitation to make a pool of better equipped professionals, parents, care-givers etc. To train them to develop their own entrepreneurship by involving the parents and family members. To provide for community based rehabilitation for the special children and Home Based Services.
This project will directly benefit 135 children with mental retardation or hearing impairment and will also provide a range of services to approximately five thousand persons with disability along with their families.
Expected Effects of the Project: This project will greatly help local community to access the rehabilitation and vocational facilities. Team of multi-skilled professionals will address their special needs thus empowering them to become productive members of society. Dire shortfall of trained manpower in this field will be met with our training courses. Learning milestones of special children can be evaluated by psychological assessment and classes cleared Money earned by grown up children through sale of products made by them and participation in income generation activities can be recorded. We already are imparting special education to nearly 170 children annually since last twelve years. Training in rehabilitation is being imparted to parents, social workers, regular government school teachers in collaboration with IGNOU(A Common Wealth University) (approximately 300 each year) community awareness about disability is raised through school visits. road shows, leaflet, newspaper articles.(more than 40000 children/persons directly and one million indirectly have been sensitized.)

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Location: NAWALGARH, India

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