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Funded A stairlift for Stephanie

A project from Förderkreis der Dom-Gemeinde Lübeck
in Lübeck, Germany

A stairlift for Stephanie

Mandy F.
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About this project

A while ago I wrote about Stephanie on my Blog:

She is paralized from her neck down ... and Stephanie has one big wish! She really wants to have a stairlift!

‚A stairlift costs between 13.500 and 18.000 Euro and my care insurance can cover 4.000 Euro. This is part of what we call a living room adaption for handicapped people. This conversion is sponsored with 4.000 Euro. My pension just is not high enough for me to be able to finance this. Along with the proportionate co-payments for my medicine I also have additional costs that I have to cover such as medicine, medical aid and things for my artificial kidney outlet.‘

A stairlift would help Stephanie to become more independent and finally be able to enjoy life much more.

„I would be able to go outside more frequently and the nursing staff could be reduced to one person instead of the two people I currently need. This person could then help me to get downstairs and back upstairs. A downfall (despite of the two staff members by my side), which does happen once in a while when the stair climber doesn’t grip on to the stairs properly, can be avoided. It also doesn’t hurt me as much anymore as it does with the stair climber since it does vibrate quiet a bit. The stairlift would simplify everything. I would finally be able to go to church with my friends. But according to my health insurance a stairlift is not considered a medical aid so my health insurance won’t pay for it.“

„The building authority has to give its permission but this shouldn’t be the problem. The escape route is still wide enough for all the other tenants of this house. The housing association cannot deny their approval because according to some § somewhere I have the right to participate in life and go in and out of my appartment as needed. The housing association already built a ramp for me outside and installed a source of power for my wheelchair. They won’t stand in my way to get a stairlift but I just have to pay for it. I won’t give up and will fight for it.“

I think we should all help Stephanie to make her wish come true, fight with her and shake our piggy banks so she can have her stairlift!

Will you join?

Kind regards, Mandy