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Hansa Niwas - A learning and living space for 300 Indian orphans

A project from ONE WORLD FAMILY Stiftung gGmbH
in Kulithalai Taluka, Puthur Village, India

The Hansa Niwas project shall provide a a permanent learning and living campus for up to 300 of Indias poorest children. It is a holistic child development project with education, revolving funds, biodynamic agriculture and renewable energy.

H. Reuter
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About this project

The Hansa Niwas project will provide a permanent learning and living campus for up to 300 of Indias poorest children. Furthermore the entire campus will serve for many more people as a source of education and sustainable living. The project is located on 42 acres of land at the southern indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Together with our project partner, the ONE WORLD FAMILY foundation, headquartered in
Stuttgart, we now want to implement this great project for the future and enable children from the region and all over South India a livable and lovable future.

It is about much more than just to providing shelter, food, clothing and education. It is a holistic project with biodynamic farming, biological waste water treatment and the use of renewable energies.


The poverty of numerous indian children still is a result of the devastating tsunami of 2004 in which nearly 650,000 Indians have lost their entire existence. 16,389 people died, including Almost every second victim came from Tamil Nadu. Countless children have become orphans, or lost a parent.

Together with the ONE WORLD FAMILY Foundation ( Stuttgart ) we have built an orphanage in the country region of Trichy. In the future 300 orphans will be supervised and trained until they are ready to live independently.

In addition to the construction of educational and residential buildings and necessary infrastructure such as water and sanitation, power supply etc. The project involves the construction of so called revolving funds and the long term livelihood security.

In further initiatives for the holistic development of our children ( education, health ), there will be training for small farmers, to help them to produce biodynamically and to establish co-operatives in order to protect them from depletion and help them to become independent from multinationals such as Monsanto.


The construction costs are covered by the ONE WOLRD FAMILY Foundation. However, to ensure the operation of the project we still need a total € 134.010 to set up the campus and to allow children access to education and healthy nutrition. In the meanwhile small local businesses are created, with which the project can soon pay for itself. These companies will later serve the grown ups to study different professions and to earn money for further education or for their wedding.

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