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Funded Aid to Egypt's Street animals- hope,help,life for 1200 animals!

Help for Animals in Egypt

C. Szperling from C. SzperlingWrite a message

I support privat the small society for the prevention of cruelty to animals ESMA in Egypt, and have animal welfare never seen in 13 years, by which enormous commitment, a lot of passion, extreme warmth and love these Egyptians help..and the animals they have only the most violent cases of road .. I would now like to take the opportunity to help even more to ease the animals and the people behind them at least a little bit and get help there.
ESMA is a small club (currently I think there are 6 workers!), Mit founded by Egyptians in 2007 while Bahra Fahmy, which I was aware, as she had a very desperate please for help on the street start.Sie Winnie found a 5 month old Puppy which suffers from a disease that can not build muscle. (splash screen) .Unfortunately has Winnie despite enormous assistance now lost the battle ...

I took me one and learned that ESMA built a small shelter and currently houses about 1,200 animals and actually has stop because it no longer wanted is.The people are physically and mentally at the end (she herself about 40 Dogs u.Cats with him received at home!) actually currently shorter .But as it is so, it follows an emergency after another and constantly I read in the middle of the night from her.
Collect Bahra and the helper injured, sick, old, weak and generally stray animals on which run around screaming, begging for food, need to be medicated, are alone, provide this and as I've noticed, they go far beyond their borders. Do not be afraid to ask international veterinarians for help, so blatant and serious are some case.. it is so bad in Egypt at street that ESMA can not absorb any animal, but mainly absorb this that would not survive on the street. .da precisely these costs are very high, they have to rely more than ever on donations.

ESMA has however made it not only the goal to receive stray animals, but they also start neutering programs, making education work in schools and in general to people in Egypt to make sensitive to the issue of animal protection and eventually to become the thing Mr.
She recently participated in laboratory dogs, struggled that these freikommen..anbei pictures of Hunde.Ihnen was for experimental purposes tissue from the spinal cord entnommen..ja, even if you do not want to read: without anesthesia ..... more I need not say.
Day after day, these few people struggling with such a huge love to see on the video and feel it ist.Look please

Help please with that we give the animals of Egypt and help secure a future and can give people behind force, help and support. <3
Thank you all!