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Youth4planet: Game changers, crusaders, they believe their generation can work together to change the course of human history.

J. Altekruse from Youth4planet e.V. | 
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About this project

Exploring the world through the eyes of the next generation provides an
insight into their dreams, desires and deep emotions around the subject of
climate change and their future. Passionate to give young people a voice for
their planet in the COP21 conference, Film makers Liz Courtney and Joerg
Altekruse took a group of teenagers from across the planet on an arctic
adventure equipped with pens, pads, their own cameras and a brief - to make
a short film that tells adults, business and government how they feel about
climate change. Giving them a voice, a sense of empowerment and hope that as
the next generation they can work towards a common goal to find solutions to
the pressing issues of climate change was the vision of this social media

Combining culture from Australia, Indonesia, Germany and
Greenland, six youth wrote a message in a film to share with the world as it
assembles in Paris this December 2015. Inspiring, motivational and poignant,
one is left with the feeling of hopefulness, wisdom beyond their years and a
glimpse into a brave new world of the Millenniums who don't want their world
to melt, or their culture to disappear. Load and clear they believe we have
a moral obligation to overcome climate change. And that this starts with
their generation.

Game changers, crusaders, they believe their generation can work together to
change the course of human history. "We are the first generation to feel the true impacts of climate change and we are the last generation to actually take action to overcome this massive dilemma" Thomas King, Australia.

Youth4planet will screen a special short 3 minute film in the prelude to COP21 in Paris.
Updated at 18. March 2020

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