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developing co-creative visions of a sustainable future

A project from Youth4planet e.V.
in Hamburg, Germany

With Youth4planet, young people around the world develop their ideas for a sustainable future and disseminate them through co-creative storytelling and filmmaking with their mobile phones.

J. Altekruse
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With Youth4planet, young people develop ideas for a sustainable future together in co-creative film processes and tell about them in short films. We train them as storytellers and peer teachers and jointly develop educational packages for digital dissemination.

The youth4planet team runs a YouTube studio in Hamburg. It advises all who want to campaign for sustainable development so that they can spread their ideas even more effectively (e.g. Fridays4future, Climate Week). We work in cooperation with e.g. Frei Day, Schule in Aufbruch and in Luxembourg with the education and environment ministries.

In 2021 Youth4planet is inviting for the first time to the international EARTHBEAT CHALLENGE with the support of the UN:
Under the motto "Restoring Balance With Nature", young people from all over the world will show in short films how they imagine the path to a climate-friendly world.
We support them in the creation of their films and show the best results at the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, COP26 on the UN stage. Afterwards the inspiring films will go on a journey around the world.

We are looking for film coaches and donors to support the local groups to accompany film processes in Africa (Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya), Indonesia, India, Ecuador or Lebanon (in refugee camps).

P.S. Our work is accompanied by scientific mentors, e.g .: Prof. F.J. Radermacher (Senate of Economics), Prof. Peter Cox (Univ. Exeter), Prof. Claudia Kemfert (DIW), Dr. Dirk Notz (MPI), Prof. Dirk Messner (UBA), Dr. Fritz Hinterberger (SERI), and much more.

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