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Aquascope -Stop Illegal Fishing!

Aquascope -Stop Illegal Fishing! We develop improved monitoring- and control-systems against illegal Fishing. We combine modern-day technology with ship-based surveillance-systems to protect fish populations and ecosystems.

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Aquascope -Stop Illegal Fishing!
Aquascope is an international platform to combat Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fisheries.
IUU fisheries are one of the greatest threats to our oceans. The consequences that these criminal operations have on global fish populations, the ecosystem as a whole, coastal communities and (socio-) economic development are devastating. Estimated numbers of global IUU catch sizes show us that not enough is being done to uphold and enforce environmental law at sea. There's an urgent need for better, more efficient and cost-worthy technology to replace traditional monitoring systems.
Aquascope has teamed up with scientists and a range of experts to explore the technologies necessary to develop cost-effective marine conservation solutions. We collaborate with other conservation groups and governments to determine at-risk areas and feasible measures for their protection.
Aquascope is looking at land and ship-based monitoring schemes and systems capable of operation in different weather and geographical regions.
Our field of work stretches from underwater gliders, hydrophones, HF radars, satellites to radio technology and beyond.

Aquascope advocates effective use of technology, information and capabilities of the modern world to combat IUU fishing.

Aquascope adapts, redesigns and amends existing technology for utilization in the field of marine conservation. The detection and surveillance of IUU fishing vessels, monitoring of Exclusive Economy Zones (EEZs) and geo-fencing of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) must improve significantly if we are to protect life in the oceans from extinction. We strive to increase the proficiency and capacity to monitor and control IUU fishing in line with a standard suitable for today’s age of technology and information processing.
Aquascope works across borders and oceans, taking great pride in our work and passionately strive towards achieving the goals set out in our mission statement. The Aquascope team is delighted to invest their time and skills into the protection of marine wildlife!

I invite you to accompany and support Aquascope and to take part in our mission for a living world beneath the waves. For millions of years the oceans have been the source of all life on this planet, it is high time we gave something back.

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