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Safe housing for sexually abused children in South Africa

Adams Mission , South Africa

Safe housing for sexually abused children in South Africa

Adams Mission , South Africa

"Friends of Bobbi Bear e.V." asks for donations to improve the living conditions of sexually abused children in South Africa - through safe housing, medical treatment and long-term help for a brighter future.

Lars-Uwe L. from Friends of Bobbi Bear e.V. | 
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About this project

In South Africa, children are very often subject to sexual abuse - with a high risk of being infected with HIV.

"Bobbi Bear" takes abused children to its safe houses where they receive medical and psychological support. With PEP (post exposition prophylaxis), an HIV infection can still be prevented in most cases. Jointly with the police, "Bobbi Bear" collects evidence of the abuse and helps to bring the perpetrators to court. The children are also being supported during the court proceedings.

Frequently, however, the children cannot be re-integrated into their families - either because the perpetrator himself is part of the family or the parents or relatives have died of AIDS. In this case, "Bobbi Bear" helps the children long-term: providing them with housing, food and to possibility to attend school so that they can master their own future.

Two Child Safety Officers of "Bobbi Bear" currently host around 30 children in their tiny houses near Durban. "Friends of Bobbi Bear e.V." also with donations through has helped to enlarge one house and equip it with all necessary to house the children. Sometimes for the first time in their lives, they now have their own bed! Our goal for 2016 is to help kick-start a anew "safe house" by financing a piece of land to then build the new house. We need your support to achieve this goal!

"Friends of Bobbi Bear e.V." is committed to improving the living conditions of these children on a sustainable basis. We want to help fund their cost of living as well as secure them access to school/education - so they can help themselves as grown-ups.

Our direct connection to "Bobbi Bear" and the children in Durban guarantees that the money arrives where it is needed. Your are investing directly into the children's future!