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Funded Donate for school computers in Ecuador

In the midst of one of Guayaquil’s slums in Ecuador, our partner organization Fudeconec owns a school building. Education is the key for students to escape poverty. Computer lessons at school are indispensable nowadays. Help us to buy computers!

J. Barzen from Fides e.V.Write a message

Computer science - the way out of poverty

In the midst of one of Guayaquil’s slums, our partner organization Fudeconec owns a school building and pursues several educational projects. Education is the key for students to escape poverty.
Fudeconec abates the school fees to the poorest students. That's how they try to keep the children off the streets where alcohol, drugs and petty crime are ruling.

However, to be able to continue helping the children, the organisation needs financial support.
You can help us!

In the mornings, about 130 children between four and thirteen years are being educated in the kindergarten and elementary school. In the afternoon, approximately 30 older students are studying for their "Bachillerato" (school leaving examination). On the weekends, adults have the possibility to catch up on their school leaving examination or their entire school education.

Recently a new subject was added: Computer science! Nowadays it is indispensable for whoever doesn't have a computer at home. As a matter of fact, the majority of Balerio Estacio's inhabitants doesn't own a private computer.

Thanks to previous donations, we were able to set up a computer room. Moreover, with recent Fides donations, three computers have already been bought and small groups of children are already receiving computer classes.

Nevertheless, further equipment is needed in order to offer computer lessons to a bigger amount of students. We need chairs, more desks, a printer and above all more computers! You can help us! Support us with a little donation so that we can get the needed equipment!

The costs are the following:

- 10 computer plus screen, keyboard, mouse ("Intel Pentium 3220" each for 500 US $ or 450 €)
- 3 big desks (each 20 US $ or 18 €)

For a total of 4.600 € we can get the basis for a great lesson. In the long run, we would like to acquire 20 computers for the computer room.

It would also be nice if we could offer more lessons by hiring an additional teacher whose monthly salary would be around 315 €.

You can help us to achieve our goal! You can help us to make it possible for children and young adults in Guayaquil to get a better education and therefore a better future! Donate now!

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