Closed Lubuze Primary School - Zimbabwe

An aid project by Tina N. in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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Tina N. (Project Manager)

Tina N.
Lubuze Primary School
The idea came up already during my schooling in Bulawayo. I have starting to do charity work at my school, Dominican Convent Bulawayo. We used to to sell raffles, have a cake day, etc to raise funds for the disadvantaged children in our country.
To support Lubuze Primary School is meant to support vulnerable children with schooling assistance and other basic needs. We try to provide psychological support to vulnerable children at Insiza District in Matabeleland South.
Lubuze Primary School is one of the schools that the charity organisation Phumuza-Share the Load, is supporting. We have to raise funds to pay the school fees for the orphans at Lubuze Primary School. Lubuze has a total of 75 orphans.

We are a group of 4 people at the moment, the headmistriss from the school, two of our founder members and myself as Project Coordinator.

The children will benefit from this as each child's school fees gets funded to enable a basic education.
The project will benefit as in raisng funds for school facilities, such as sanitary facililies, furniture, study aids like chairs and tables. BAsically all a school needs to bring some joy to the children in it!

‘Phumuza’ meaning ‘to ease the burden’ or ‘to share the load’.
Together we give priority to health, education and reconstruction projects based on the principle of self-help. We try not to run projects but give support to local initiatives, small and large.

People all over the world can now can now play role in Zimbabwe by supporting these vulnerable children to gain the skills they need to build their country

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Location: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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