Internet access for refugee camps

An aid project by “Refugees Online e.V.” (Sarah W.) in Regensburg, Germany

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Sarah W. (Project Manager)

Sarah W.
We intend to provide computers and free Internet access in refugee accommodation facilities. We also provide training courses for refugees about usage of computers, smartphones and the Internet.

Our first project started in the beginning of 2015 in the refugee reception unit at the Fliegerhorst in Fuerstenfeldbruck. At this location we have a special challenge as no DSL lines are available. We are jointly working with the operator of the camp on alternative solutions right now. Currently we are conducting the training courses with Internet access by way of mobile networks. This is pretty expensive and the data throughput is restricted. The provision of DSL access will take some time due to necessary construction works. We have created a fully equipped computer training room at the refugee reception unit in Fuerstenfeldbruck and offer training courses about basic computer skills. This enables refugees to quickly utilize the information and communication possibilities of the Internet. Our courses have no dedicated curriculum as the attendees will change frequently and we cannot predict their skills in advance. We rather try to be adaptive and we also motivate skilled refugees to become a trainer themselves and offer courses in their native language.

Our second project, a refugee reception unit in Germering, started in May 2015. Around 250 refugees live there.
Our WiFi-Hotspot-System there has been up and running since the end of May. We also set up an area with a few tablets and computers for the people to use.
Generelly, refugee accommodation doesn't come with internet - and it's not budgeted by the government.
For fugitives, the internet is often the only way to stay in touch with their families and to get access to information.
By providing them with Internet, we would like to help them cope with their situation a little better and most importantly, to stay in touch with their friends and family.
Our association is recognised as charitable, therefore we are able to give out donation receipts for contributions of 50€ or more.

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Location: Regensburg, Germany

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