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Funded Earthquake in Nepal - Help for Tibetan victims in Indian and Nepali Exil

A project from Tibetisch-Buddhistisches Zentrum Berlin e. V.
in Kathmandu, Nepal

earthquake in Nepal, help for Tibetan victims in Indian and Nepali exil; help project for Tibetan refugees, families, children, monks, nuns affected by the natural disaster

Nadine P.
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On April 25th 2015 one of the heaviest earthquakes occurred in Nepal that have ever stroke the country. Almost the whole Himalayan region was hit hard and only three days after this terrible catastrophe there are already more than 4485 dead and more than 8,000 wounded only in Nepal.
Many more are badly affected in India and Tibet, the UN estimate the number of people affected by the earthquake and its destruction in the whole region at about 8 millions!
The incredible scale of devastation and of the suffering appears more day after day. Slowly international help gets to the survivors and wounded, but on the other hand the situation in some regions gets worse, because life-supports supplies get low.
Under these many people in Nepal who urgently need help, there is a population group that currently goes unheeded in the media: the Tibetan refugees.
Only in Nepal are living about 20,000 Tibetan refugees and their descendants. Thousands of them, as many more in Northern India and also in Tibet, are affected by the earthquake. Worst is that those in Nepal living as refugees mostly do not have any documents, no rights at all. While international and Nepali government supporting measures started, the refugees cannot await much support. In Tibet the sad situation looks alike.
We want to help these people. For many years the Tibetan Buddhist Center in Berlin has been supporting sponsorships for children and Buddhist nuns in the Eastern Tibetan region of Kham, as well as for exiled Tibetans (children, nuns and monks) in Southern India.
With this project we would like to help the Tibetan victims of the catastrophic earthquake. Many have lost their lives, there are so much more wounded and such who have lost their whole belongings.
In these terrible times we want to stand by our Tibetan friends and help them bear the burden.
For first care food, drinking water, blankets and medicine is urgently needed. It will take a very long period of time until the region will go back to normal because the population has been left with nothing. With this project we want to give emergency aid, but also in the long run to support the Tibetan affected by this tragedy.
With just 70 Euro a family can be provided bare necessities of life and nourished for 2 weeks.
Please help with your donation!