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Funded Pimpex Smail Hasani - Kosovo (by Pimp my Carroça)

The Pimp My Carroça, in its first edition of Pimpex in Europe, helps the waste picker Smail Hasani, seeking to give him more visibility through artivism and by improving his working conditions and safety.

Marina M. from Pimp My Carroça KosovoWrite a message

Our project wants to call attention to the important work done by waste pickers in Kosovo. These environmental agents are an essential part of the recycling sector as they go around the city collecting recyclables and saving the environment, but they are marginal and invisible. Collaborate and share to give waste pickers more visibility through artivism (activist art) and the society starts to see their work with more respect and value!

1.The reality of waste pickers in Pristina, Kosovo
As the municipality does not engage in separation and recycling, waste pickers are the main suppliers of recyclable materials to the recycling industry of Kosovo. They are the only ones recovering waste that citizens throw in containers and thereby they contribute to a reduction in the amount of waste going to landfills. Less waste in the landfills means less damage to the environment! This essential work is, however, based on very bad working conditions, indifference and disrespect. Waste pickers need to walk or cycle 7-8 km from Fushë Kosovë to Pristina, their transportation means are in terrible situation, they lack tools and protective equipment, they need to work for long periods and receive only 2 to 8 euros per day.

2.The project – Pimp my Carroça + PIMPEX
Pimp my Carroça is a social, cultural and environmental project from Brazil that has already taken hundreds of waste pickers out of invisibility through art and collaborative action, pimping their waste carts and giving more dignity and security to our environmental agents. The platform/project “Pimp my Carroça” has launched the “PIMPEX”, an independent and collaborative edition to make it possible for people all around the world to help waste pickers. This is the first edition of PIMPEX in Europe!

3.The waste picker
Smail Hasani is 57 years old, originally from Gadime - Kosovo, and collects normally in the Dardania and Arbria neighborhoods in Pristina. He has been collecting PET, plastic and metals for over 15 years. With his tricycle, he supports a family of 8 members, but it is in need of urgent repairs.

4. What you are investing in
We will give Smail materials to increase the safety of his work and fix the cart and all the material and paints that the artist need to make an activist art and give them more visibility through it. All the exceeding money will be invested to support other waste pickers. Materials will include:
-Safety shoes
-Reflexive vest
-T-shirt 'Pimp my Carroça'
-Bags for recyclable material
-Metal plates
-New tires
-New seat
-Pedal structure
-Reflexive tape
-Spray for the artist

With your donation, we can make the vital work of Smail and hundreds of other waste pickers in Kosovo more visible and respected!
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