Closed Project 2 Dar Al Shukran in Damaskus

An aid project by “Verein Weg der Hoffnung” (Shukran S.) in Damaskus, Syrian Arab Republic

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Shukran S. (Project Manager)

Shukran S.
A large number of children in Damascus,

have lost their parents / families, children are abandoned because of an incurable illness, financial burden. or physical deformities, these children are also the subject of trafficking and forced prostitution, especially the girls.

The plan is to get donations to build a home for the Orphans on the contryside of Damascus.

With this project the orphans will get a better future. We get the children off the street, away from children and street work and offer them a home, food and medical treatments, they will go to school for a basic education. In addition, the children receive school uniforms, required school supplies.
Two or three counselors will provide assistance to the orphans.
These children live now from streetwork.

This facility will open up new perspectives to the children, security, hope, and give a chance for an orderly.

Our project is just beginning.

Convening diverse stakeholders and developing collaborative networks to ensure a responsible reconstruction of Damascus, helping them to create a better future.

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Location: Damaskus, Syrian Arab Republic

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