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Slide tower decommissioned - new climbing facility for 42 children

A new children’s climbing facility shall replace the soon to be decommissioned slide tower. 42 (soon: 80) children frolic and learn daily in the green countryside of Kindergarten Arche Noah in Mannheim Feudenheim.

F. Hörner from FöV Kinderhaus St. Peter & Paul Ma-Feudenheim e.V.Write a message

The old slide tower has been stripped down several times already. For reasons of safety, it will get decommissioned soon finally. 42 children in the age of 3 to 6 (from 2019: about 80 children), play daily in the open-air area of Kindergarten Arche Noah.
Under the umbrella of the friends’ association, committed parents arrange several times a year small market places and events on a pure voluntary basis. Within 7 years, the gross of expected cost has been weaved in with it. Together with Betterplace, we were now able to realize a new, organic, sustainable climbing facility, the "climbing isle" in early 2017. Many, many thanks from the children!
Next, we will make the area a bet more green step by step, by adding some trunks to allow to sit, to balance or to chat, by realizing a sand playground, and more. With your help. Thanks a lot!