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Berlin Dogs Can Save Lives! -- ¡with equipment! --

A project from Rettungshunde Mantrailer-Berlin e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We are the handlers of a group of mantrailing search and rescue dogs in Berlin, and we are asking for your financial support of our mission to find and save missing persons in the city!

K. Pieper
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About this project


We are a young rescue dog organisation, founded in 2012, which specializes in the training and mantaining of mantrailer teams. Mantrailer teams are dogs and their handlers, who have been specially trained to follow and find missing persons by their individual scent. This type of search and rescue (SAR) dog differs from other SAR dogs (like avalanche or disaster dogs) in that it is possible for them to trail the path of and find a specific missing person even in the most densely populated city.

We, for example, train our dogs in the hustle and bustle of Germany's capital Berlin, a city of 4 million people!


Since our organisation is a small non-profit with only 9 members (German registry number: VR 31892 B), and since we're not part of any larger rescue organisation, our resources for aquiring vital equipment are limited to our yearly membership fees (currently 450,00 € per year) plus any donations we might receive.
We still manage at least 100 training sessions, 6-12 mission excercises, 3-4 qualifying trainings (first responder medical trainings etc.) per year on top of the actual missions!


Help us aquire protective clothing that is so essential to our rescue missions, or help us buy safety vests for our dogs! We need lamps for night missions, and mission backpacks, radios, and GPS trackers.. Every Euro (or dollar) helps to bring us closer to our goal, to actively save peoples' lives with our dogs all year 'round!

If you speak some German, please take a look at our "SUCHE NACH HELFERN" as well: !!!