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Best from Berlin, your (public charity) - Don't waste your fruits.

Hamburg, Germany e.V. mobilizes volunteers to harvest privately owned fruit trees. The whole harvest is split three ways (volunteers/tree owner/ donates it’s part to charitable purposes.

H. Hölscher from e.V. - Lass dein Obst nicht hängen! | 
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About this project

There are more fruits growing in your city than you would think. Hamburg is full of fruit trees - just to look around you.

A large part of these fruits fall to the ground and rot because we don't pick them. e.V. mobilizes volunteers and fruit tree owners to harvest the fruits.
The whole harvest is split three ways. One part is offered to the volunteers, one part is shared to the fruit tree owner and the last part is for We donate the part to charitable organizations like kindergarden or homeless feed. So it's a win-win-situation for everyone involved. The fruits don|t rot and are being donated for charitable purposes.

We were able to save more than 600 KG of fruits in 2014. To continue our work and save even more fruits in 2015 we need your support!
Updated at 18. September 2020

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