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Closed Direct support of refugees: The Café without borders!

A project from Unabhängiges Jugendzentrum Pankow JUP e. V.
in Berlin, Germany

The Café without borders at the Youth Center Pankow is a place where refugees and their neighbours can meet each other. We will pay an asylum lawyer and a translator to support the refugees with their application.

J. Ringer
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About this project

Where do refugees get to know new people? Not in a work place, because they have no work permit. Not while shopping, when they are viewed with skepticism. Not in the subway, when people chose to sit somewhere else.

The answer is: at the cafe without limits!
A place where a culture of welcome becomes a culture of exchange. A place where refugees and their neighbors become friends. There is no difference between supporters and refugees here, first of all they are all human beings, who want to spend time together and support each other.

What happens at the cafe without limits?
We organize the café in JUP (Youth Centre Pankow) every 2nd Sunday since Febraury 2014. There we bring together refugees and local residents of pankow and the surrounding area in order to reduce prejudice and fear of contact. The café is now existing for two years and the demand is huge at the moment. We offer e.g. the give away shop and the legal advice with language mediation. In our sport spaces, the children can let off steam. Music is played, some dance and the communication always works – sometimes only with hands and feet. At café without limits the whole building is alive.

Who are we?
We are a diverse group - young people from the JUP , volunteers (e.g. from the Welcome Network “Pankow hilft!” ), refugees and people from the neighbourhood. Due to the different people and diverse talents we always try new things and the café is unique every time it takes place. All participants are volunteers and there are no administrative expenses to cover (thanks to JUP, which covers them for us).

We asked the refugees, how we could support them. The answer was e.g.: We need legal advice!That's why for the past 1.5 years we have worked together with a lawyer who offers this legal advice. We also offer translation here. The aim of the advice is to clarify what steps they need to go next, to found their arrival on a solid legal basis .

Our principle here at café without limits/ the JUP is, that all people meet at eye level.

For continuing with the café we need YOUR support!

For what exactly?
You can find out in the requirements, which costs are not covered yet and where you can help us. Right now we need the funds for the lawyer and translations. The funds for our co-worker doing nationwide voluntary service is needed too. He took over the administration and organization of the café without limits and and so supports the volunteers and the JUP-Team strongly and is absolutely necessary.

We need your support for this!
We keep you updated with the “News”-section – also about the current state of the campaign.

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