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Malaria Free Cameroon - Good protection saves lifes

Bertoua, Cameroon

Malaria has threatened Cameroon for centuries. Especially pregnant women and small children are affected. we provide inforamtion on prevention, diagnosis and treatment in workshops at local schools and health centers and provide free mosquito nets.

F. Gerald Bobga from Hope Foundation e.V.
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The Malaria Free Cameroon project (MFC) was initiated in 2007 with the aim of reducing the deaths caused by Malaria in Cameroon. We target children under the age of 5 and pregnant women.

Project objectives
Education and Awareness:
Through lectures and workshops in schools, cultural and health centers, we provide people with comprehensive information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods.

Provision of mosquito nets:
Mosquito nets remain the best protection; However, not everybody has the means to buy them. For this reason we provide people in need with free nets.

The successes of the project
We are proud to have reached close to 10,000 people and distributed more than 3000 mosquito nets. We visited clinics to talk to pregnant women and to teach students in different schools. 

With a donation of 10 € a family can be protected with a specially treated mosquito net for 2-4 years against malaria.

These 10 € are luxury for people in Cameroon, because they have to live with less than 1 € per day.

No one should die of malaria if it is preventable.