Closed Support Safe House for Uganda's Threatened LGBTs

An aid project by “African Council for Arts & Culture e.V.” (S. Bubacarr) in Kampala, Uganda

S. Bubacarr (Project Manager)

S. Bubacarr
The situation of Gays and Lesbians in Africa is getting works. This aptly demonstrated in Uganda where a Bill to place the death penalty in Uganda is being debated.

Radical evangelical groups are also fanning the flames of homophobia.
We, the African Council for Arts and Culture e.V, a Germany-registered NGO promoting International Understanding, are working on a solidarity project to build a SAFE HOUSE for the threatened LGBTs in Uganda.

This safe house will also be open to other LGBTs fleeing prosecution and persecution in Central, Southern and Eastern parts of Africa.

Your support is highly appreciated by our beneficiaries.

To make the safe house possible we are raising funds to pay for building material. Local labour and volunteering are already available. However, the cost of building materials are prohibitive and beyond the means of our target groups and project teams. Every little donation will help.

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Location: Kampala, Uganda

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  • Uploaded at 22-12-2009