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Why is it always me? Tackling racial profiling

A project from Büro zur Umsetzung von Gleichbehandlung e.V. (BUG)
in Berlin, Germany

People of colour are more likely than white/ white passing people to be subjected to identity checks by the federal police. We support those affected in court in order to tackle racial profiling and racist discrimination on a larger scale.

Clara H.
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About this project

People of colour are often automatically ascribed a migratory background or specific religious beliefs. They are more likely to be subjected to identity checks by the Federal Police on grounds of the Federal Police Act (§§ 22 1a and 23 identity checks without suspicion to prevent illegal entry into Germany). This is usually done in trains moving through regions near borders or at train stations and airports. Such identity checks are called racial profiling and are experienced as arbitrary by people concerned as it mostly appears that only the mentioned ascribed characteristics have prompted the identity check.
Affected people feel denounced, defenceless and stigmatized as criminals. The feeling of exclusion is particularly pronounced for those that are classified as 'strangers' in their own home country. Beyond that, police officers often behave inappropriately harsh and authoritarian during identity checks, which is perceived as demeaning by those affected.
White people are subjected to such identity checks to a much lesser extent. This is contrary to the principle of equal treatment.

The Bureau for the Implementation of Equal Treatment e.V. (BUG) advises and supports victims of discrimination who want to take legal steps against the experienced injustice. Judgments are used strategically for further tackling the problem racial profiling.

People affected by racial profiling have become increasingly willing to file complaints.
Already in 2010 we have successfully supported a lawsuit against racial profiling in Coblenz. This year, four additional cases that are under suspicion of consituting racial profiling are to be heard in administrative courts. BUG provides a court guardianship for the people concerned and aims to ensure that the principle of equality and human rights standards in policing are met.

Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient funds to conduct our work.
If you are of the opinion that controls due to racist attributions are not legitimate and that the current situation has to change, we are looking forward to your contribution! With your help we can continue to advise and assist victims in lawsuits and eventually can put racial profiling to an end through strategic litigation and public relations. passes on the money that we have collected together. If you want, you can even track your donation: Since is transparent, you can see what impact your help had on the facilitation of our project.