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Support the slightly different protection-yard for collies and other dogs!

A project from SOS Colliehilfe e.V.
in Rahden, Germany

The german SPCA "SOS Colliehilfe e.V." helps since 2001 dogs in distress regardless of the breed of dog. The support includes the operation of a protection-yard in a very beautiful landscape near to the little town Rahden in german Westphalia.

Karen H.
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About this project

Originally founded as a private initiative for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - named "SOS-aid for collies" (official name in the register of associations "SOS Colliehilfe e.V.") - we became after a short period time a "proper" Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals". It`s a long time ago since we do not take care only for collies got in trouble but also for all other dog-breeds. Our protection-yard - inaugurated in the year 2006 - is situated in a very beautiful landscape near to the little town Rahden in german Westphalia. Many dogs with a hard fortune could find here a temporary refuge; after they had regained their physical and mental equilibrium they could be mediated with success to new proprietors. Some dogs are living continually here at the shelter-yard because they are too old, handicapped concerning their health or simply a little bit strange; for that reasons they can`t be mediated any more according to our estimation. We also coddled up some cats although we`re not specialized in this range.

We remained a little association and we fight again and again for dogs and the support of the refuge created by us. Furthermore we also help people engaged for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in abroad as far as our financial means allow these transactions. Thereby little and great charities help us; without them we wouldn`t exist any more since a long time. Great thanks for it to the former contributers and benefactors and also to our loyal dog-adaptors!

Our society is acknowledged since 2001 as a society in the public interest (a charitable project) and deserving special promotion. According to our statutes and articles the charities are used for food, bills of the veterinary, remedies and other stuff for the necessary supplies. During some months the additonal, not provided need of special food or costs for the veterinary threaten to get beyond our control. Even if the club treasory is nearly empty we don`t leave in the lurch our dogs in cases of severe illness and inevitable operations. If you are interested in our shelter-program at home and abroad, in our dog-adaptions or our need of gifts in kind then do visit our homepage or our public facebook-sides.

We would be glad if you want to support our protégés and our animal sheltering with a charity or a donation. Sincere thanks in the name of our dogs and all the dogs who will come to us in future-time!

- translated by Lothar Alfred Bauernschmitt -
Thanks a lot!