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Closed World Championship 2017 in Japan

The cheerleaders division of SC Unterbach needs your donation to realize the dream of participating the world championship.

Claudia N. from Cheerleaderabteilung des SC UnterbachWrite a message

The Children are our Future!
Dear family, friends, associates, fans and lovers of all things cheer and dance
It was well deserved. 12 young ladies climbed atop the first-place podium in Dresden, claiming their title as German champions, carrying smiles as wide as their faces. A few moments later, as it was confirmed that they had also qualified for the 2017 World Championships in Japan, their joy evolved into outright jubilation! 
The jubilation was short-lived. 
It became clear that there was a financial roadblock ahead. After all of the time and hard work that had brought them to this point, only one question remained; how would the SCU Black Cats make it to the Land of the Rising Sun in order to fulfill not only their potential, but their dreams?
Cheerdance is considered to be a “fringe sport” in Germany, meaning that German teams don’t have the same financial support available to teams from other countries. Competing in Championships comes with many costs attached, from costumes to travel and accommodation, and everything in between. These young athletes have a once in a lifetime opportunity. To tell them that everything they have been fighting for must come to an end would be utterly heartbreaking, and just another unfortunate example of what could have been.
Every little bit is appreciated. With your donation, you can give these dancers the chance to represent their country on the biggest stage and support them in general. You can show them that hard work and passion pays off. You can make dreams come true.
Should we succeed in raising this money, our Peewee Black Cats would be the first team of their age group and category to represent Germany on the world stage.
As well as donations, we are also open to your ideas! If you have any creative suggestions on how we can reach this goal, we would love to hear what you have to say.
Thank you for taking the time to read, and thank you for your support!

 Feel free to contact us!

Team manager Renate Hautow: Telephone 00491727452644 , Email:

Coach Kiki Hautow: Telephone 00491634757267 , Email:

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