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Support our 3-day adventure weekend in the Alps.

Ulm, Germany

Support our 3-day adventure weekend in the Alps.

Ulm, Germany

BoystoMen supports boys to become better men. Our mentors support boys in the transition to a mature and responsible manhood. Help with your donation! Suport our 3-day adventure weekend in the Alps.

Frank R. from BoysToMen Mentoring Ulm e.V. | 
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About this project

Boys wake up the world.
Many boys grow up missing a male parent or a father for most of the time. The single mother at home, the kindergarten teacher, the teacher in elementary school - men are missing in the education of boys. Boys are looking for challenges and their own manhood. Boys enjoy the company of other juveniles and men. There is space for their ideas, their wishes, fears, their questions, their plans and their power.

Exemplify reliable manhood – for a better life.
BoysToMen provides a network of men of diffferent generations and male youths. All men go through an multi-level qualifying and training program as a mentor. Frequent meetings and supervision are part of the concept.
Boys get experienced mentors as their counterparts. The men accompany and support in the group as well as individually. All mentors are qualified and committed. Besides their responsible jobs in society, state and economy, they show how men act. In this way they are examples for humanity and modern, reliable manhood.

"BoysToMen Mentoring Germany" is a non-profit organisation established to support and accompany boys at the age of 12 to 17 years in their transition to becoming a man.

Our mission is to help boys to become better men.

Our mentors support boys in realizing their complete potential and gain trust in their own way and their own manhood. Doing this, we provide them respect and appreciation for what they are - apart from competition and contests.

The structure consists of:
- a 3-day adventure weekend in nature, where a group of youths, guided by experienced trainers and mentors goes through a deep transformation process.
- Following this weekend, we accompany the youths as mentors in regular meetings for the period of one year.
- and the opportunity for the young men who have gone through the adventure weekend to support our network and participate actively as J-Men (Journeymen).

The regional center Ulm/Germany organizes an adventure weekend every year in the Alps. We use your donation for material costs and lodging/food costs in a youth hostel.
Updated at 17. March 2016