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Funded Bricks for the nursing school St. Théophile in deep Congo - Rainforest

A project from konga - Freundeskreis Tshuapa e.V.
in Ikela, Congo (Democratic Republic)

Farmer organization FFPa Congo rainforest: nursing school ITM for supply of 300,000 people in 20,000 km2 in the Territory Ikela DRC. Since 2009. 18 professionals successfully trained and employed. Help to finish the construction of school building

W. Leinen
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About this project

In the midst of the Congo - rainforest is situated the jungle metropolis and county Ikela with about 300,000 inhabitants scattered on 20,000 km2. Two health zones with 2 hospitals, 40 health centers, 60 -posts supply the population more bad than good. It lacks many, not least infrastructure. Patient must be carried often for miles to the centers and cared for by their families. Relatives and friends raise money to pay for treatment / medications.
During the war waves of the 90s the missionaries who had built and ensured the supply as doctors and specialists, left the facilities; they did not come back. Behinde them poorly formed aids who tried on their own to save, who could be saved. From this time, people tell of operations on the kitchen table, even in the open field. 1991 also closed the only school for the training of nurses. After the turmoil of war and after years the state has again sent 4 doctors and charged with health care. The insufficient number of trained nurses who take over medical tasks in the outlying areas, remained a problem. Although the staff were "refreshed" by international aid organizations in several weeks of training, at the same time those who had had yet good formation, become old, many already dead. A safe healthcare so could not be guaranteed. This saw also the local self-help organization of forest farmers' Fondation Frère du Paysan "FFPa as 2009 and laid the foundation for a nursing school" ITM St. Théophile ", named after a nurse from their ranks, who died suddenly. With 70 trainees, mostly women, started it all - in a makeshift of the hospital of Ikela. Supported were the initiators by the "Friends of Tshuapa", predecessor of today Konga e.V., by providing a small medical library and donated educational material. Soon, even the rooms were reclaimed by the owner, and so the FFPa ventured to a modest construction on private property. A gold wedding couple from German friends waived gifts and donated the tin roof of the school building, so it is permanently protected from the tropical downpours. The students, their parents and the self-help organization struggle to help with the little that they can provide and support the teachers as the state they (still) not paid. In the fifth year of its existence 18 nurses completed their training and work successfully in the local health care facilities. Classes are held in the still half-finished building since the own resources are too limited. Impressed by the great personal contribution we seek help to finish the building - construction.