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Fight the Cold - bus Saarbruecken - help for homeless people in winter e.V

Saarbrücken, Germany

Unser eingetragener Verein unterhält einen beheizten Linienbus. Hier können Obdachlose ein warmes Essen, Getränke, Dinge des tägl. Lebens am Abend und ein Frühstück am Morgen bekommen. Wir haben im Winter jede Nacht von 21.00 - 06.00 Uhr geöffnet!

P. Sahner from Kältebus Saarbrücken - Hilfe für Obdachlose e.V
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>Fight the Cold - bus Saarbruecken, help for homeless people in winter e.V" is an initiative to set up winter emergency shelters for homeless people in the form of a heated bus, in which people receive warm food, warm and cold drinks, clothes and sleeping bags as well as isolation mats. In winter, every night from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Talks can be held here, it can be a little dozed or even slept, since nobody has anything to fear here. There are only volunteers and we are a registered association that lives only on donations! Every cent donated goes directly to the needy. There are no offices, petrol, etc. Everyone works here on a voluntary basis. We pay all of these things out of our own pocket and therefore do not burden the club's treasury in any way. Our goal is to run a "Fight the cold bus Saarbrücken - help for homeless people in winter e.V., in addition EVERYONE who is in need may come. We don't make any differences! Everyone is treated equally regardless of skin color, religion, views. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Thanks for your interest. Yours, Phil Sahner and the board of directors of the Kaeltebus Saarbruecken e.V.