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What makes school attendance for children in Calcutta difficult?
Since the Right to Education Act of 2010, all children aged between 6 and 14 are entitled to free attendance at a public school. Unfortunately, these schools are often in bad condition and the teachers badly trained. The majority of children will start school - but the drop-out rate is very high, for example, because many children contribute to the family income or have to take care of the household or younger siblings. Girls in particular are disadvantaged when it comes to school attendance: 40% leave school before the 4th grade.
How does Calcutta Rescue support schoolchildren and their families? Calcutta Rescue has been active in Calcutta for more than 25 years and operates two education institutions: since 1989 the School No.1 and since 2005 the Talaparkschule. In the preschool, children are prepared for school. They are accompanied during their school career after their transfer to a state school, they receive extra tutoring, school uniforms and materials and they can apply what they have learned in two computer rooms. The task of the Indian educators is to provide, together with the parents, a safe and learning-promoting environment. In this way, the students receive the best possible support on their way to graduation. It is hard to study when you are sick or hungry. We also provide for the health care of the children and their families. If they are sick they are treated by Calcutta Rescue doctors. Among other things, eye-sight and nutritional status are checked biannually. The children also receive medication for deworming and vitamins. Each child in one of the two Calcutta Rescue schools receives two meals per day. Malnourished children receive special, richer food.
Support the children in Calcutta, so they have a perspective in India!
Every euro helps children to fulfill their dreams of a better self-determined future!
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